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Recording with Kipinät, 2019. Photography (c) Huuri Creative

Are you looking for new inspiration and ideas for your group?

I love sharing music with vocal ensembles, bigger choirs, conductors, school classes, music teachers and other groups alike! My workshops are tailored to fit the attendees needs, whether it's about the finishing touches to already familiar repertoire, getting your feet wet with some vocal improvisation, or just having fun and connect with each other. I've recently done a lot of workshops around the essentials of rhythmic music in an a cappella setting. Another popular format is the traditional coaching / master class ie. inviting me to work with material that the ensemble already knows. There my role is to act as the fresh pair of ears, and find what is needed to take the music to the next level. Let me know what you're thinking about, and we'll plan further together!

In the past, my sessions have covered topics such as:

Vocal group & choral coachings, numerous different occasions

Conductors forum, Norbusang 2019 & Finlands Svenska Damkörsförbund (FI) 2017

Finishing touches on pop/rock/punk repertoire for recording the album "Sanon tämän kaiken suoraan", Cassiopeia, Oulu (FI) 2018

Singing rhythmic music in choir - Musta lammas' toolbox, Vaasa Choir Festival (FI) & SingStrong New York (US) 2018
Introduction to vocal painting, Desert Voices (IL) 2018

Creating material and leading the choir with interactive program in opening show, TEMPUS 2018 (FI)

Grooving together as one, Naiskuoropäivät (FI) 2014

I've recently begun making video summaries at the end of each workshop. The material is available for the attendees of each session, and can be found here.

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