At the end of each session, I do a video summary of the key areas we've worked with.

Access the video made at your session by clicking on the right date and title, and entering the right password.


Feel the Rhythm 2021/01


Ecoro, Grankulla - will be rescheduled

Viihdekuoroliiton yhtyelaulukoulutus, Tampere - will be rescheduled

Gospel Helsingin Ensemble 2020/05

Kamarikuoro Värinä 2020/03-04

Sawo Ensemble 2020/02
Leticia-kuoro 2020/02, valmennus

Leticia ry:n kuorokurssi 8-9.2.2020

Akan i Borgå 2020/01, "Move and groove" workshop for singers


Let Us Be Frank 2019, coaching

Lärkkulla 2019, dirigentworkshop

Borgå, Norbusang 2019, dirigentworkshop

Vasa, Feel the Rhythm 2019/04:

- Vilja Vocals

- Johan och juristerna


- Kvartetten Haga

- Sweet Voices

Oulu, Pyrstötähdet 2019/03​

Mariehamn, Flera Röster 2019/03

Mariehamn 2018/09

Oulu 2018/10