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Welcome to look at my current supply of sheet music for choirs and vocal ensembles!

Over the years I have written over 90 arrangements and compositions of vocal music. The full list of those is available here. I am working on expanding this catalogue to include as many of my arrangements and compositions as possible.

In order to make a purchase,

send me an email and tell me which song you'd like to purchase and how big your group is! I'll reply with a customized pdf-file of the sheet music along with an invoice that includes permission to print out said amount of sheets. All my sheets are distributed digitally. The minimum amount I am selling in one batch is 15 exemplars.

If you have any questions regarding these arrangements and compositions, do contact me! I'm looking forward to hear from you.

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Du har låtit din kärlek få försvinna

'You Have Let Your Love Disappear'

Sample from Ensemble Normas EP "Hei lempi!"

I fell in love with this Swedish folk song, it's dramatic lyrics and its' haunting melody that leaves a lot of space for the nifty arranger to explore with different ideas. The arrangement in 6/4 explores a vast range of emotions; grief, anger, resentment and finally, estrangement. The song is featured on Ensemble Normas debut EP "Hei lempi!".

Listen to the entire song here.

Traditional Swedish folk song

Arrangement by Ida Olsonen

Arranged in 2010

Language: Swedish

Voices: S/S/A/A & solo or S/S/MS/A/A
Difficulty level: advanced
Duration 4:42

Price á 4€ incl. VAT

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 22.26.57.png
Julpolska / Juhla on verraton

'Christmas Polska'

Live sample of the SSSAA version, sung by Ensemble Norma

This is a lighthearted swinging arrangement of a Finnish-Swedish Christmas song from the 19th century. It describes the joyful side of Christmas celebrations, and how the entire family meets in a circle dance around the Christmas tree. The arrangement is available for both mixed as well as upper voices, with lyrics either in Finnish or Swedish. When ordering the sheets, do say which version you are interested in!

Music by Johanna Ölander

Lyrics by Rafael Hertzberg

Arrangement by Ida Olsonen

Arranged in October 2013

Language: Swedish or Finnish
S/S/MS/A/A or S/A/T/B with occasional divisi in all voices
Difficulty level: advanced
Duration 1:45
Price á 4€ incl. VAT

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