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(c) Mari Salonen

My name is Ida Olsonen, and my instrument is the choir. I work as a conductor, composer, arranger, voice teacher and performer. Sustainable development, my hometown Helsinki with its urban nature and every-day life in general inspire me. I am always looking for new possibilities to learn and develop my music further.

At the moment, I am the artistic leader for two choirs; female choir ZinZingen and mixed choir Musta lammas. Musta lammas won the choir competition Aarhus Vocal Festival 2017 (DK), as well as the special prize for the most innovative arrangement. In a short time, Musta lammas has got a lot of attention, headlining festivals both abroad and nationally. Apart from my own groups, I also do a lot of workshops, coachings and writing music on commission.

My musical roots are in vocal groups and everything that comes with that. Growing up as a part of vocal quintet Ensemble Norma was a crucial part of my musical education. Nowadays the group has transformed into a electro-indiepop band addressed merely as Norma.

I hold two master degrees, a master in music education from the Sibelius Academy (FIN) and a master in vocal leadership and rhythmic choral conducting from the Royal Academy of Aarhus/Aalborg (DK). Both were completed in 2019.

Ida is a consummate professional, that is reliable and determined. She finds solutions to whatever the choirs challenges are. Within Finland, Idas knowledge of rhythmic music both as conductor and arranger is beyond compare.

Kristian Heberg,
choral conductor

Ida is driven by her curiosity and eagerness to learn and is a very dedicated and responsible person with excellent skills as an innovative choir conductor. She is already of vital importance in developing, consolidate and communicate knowledge within the field of rhythmic choir music.

Jim Daus Hjernøe, professor, head of RAMA Vocal Center

Ida has written several arrangements and held workshops for my choirs. Working with Ida has been easy and straightforward. Ida listens closely to wishes, and comes always with original and enjoyable ideas in her arrangements. As the commissioner, I am always very pleased with the outcome.

Nina Melasalmi,
choral conductor
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