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(c) Paula Ojansuu

Musta lammas

is a choir that I founded in 2016 in order to create an instrument that could tackle the most ambitious musical and interpretational challenges I could think of. The group consist of 23 singers from Helsinki, Finland. In 2018 we have had the honour of headlining festivals such as SingStrong i New York and the Vasa Choir Festival. In 2017, Musta lammas won first prize at the Aarhus Vocal Festival (DK) choir competition, as well as a special prize for the most innovative arrangement.

All of Musta lammas music is custom written for the group and varies from original songs to tasty re-arrangements. We are specialized in so-called rhythmic music, meaning pop, jazz, rock, blues and funk - to name a few. Musta lammas is Finnish for “black sheep”, pointing at our desire to bring something completely new to the Finnish choir scene.

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